S03E20 — Solving Startup Conferences with Alex Barrera

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There’s a boon of technology and startup event everywhere. We’re asking Alex Barrera, who helps many of those, his thoughts about what will make the good conference of the future.

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The Guest — Alex Barrera

Alex Barrera

Alex Barrera

For the past 5 years, Alex been running startups and helping others develop their businesses. He co-founded two major startup accelerators, worked with business models, startup valuations, communication and message crafting, startup PR, lean startups methodologies, customer development and product design.

Through his company, Press42, he works exhaustively with startups and their messages, giving storytelling workshops, pitching training and internationalization strategies, connecting them with the media, investors and market influencers globally. He now extends his training in storytelling to major businesses.

On the sidelines, he also extends his training in lean and agile software development, product design and project management to different worldwide Fortune 500 companies.

He's a founding member of Tech.eu, the online blog specialized on the european startup ecosystem.

Find Alex on Press42.com and LinkedIn. He's @abarrera on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on October 8, 2015. Alex was in Madrid, Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.