S03E15 — Imagining the Future with Kei Shimada

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Imagination, Invention, Innovation, Implementation. Kei Shimada’s four cardinal points have always driven him forwards, pushing the boundaries of how transformative technology-based solutions can be, of what strategy means for global companies and which roles Japan can play. 

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The Guest — Kei Shimada

Portrait by Dan Taylor,  Heisenberg Media

Portrait by Dan Taylor, Heisenberg Media

Kei is a Japanese American entrepreneur from New York. After working for global companies big and small to shape his unique yet diverse professional skill sets, he successfully launched and ran one of Japan's first multinational mobile strategy firms, Infinita.

Throughout his career, Kei has focused on helping companies around the globe redefine existing product and service strategies, develop and execute market entry strategies, enhance existing revenue streams or create new ones from the ground up.

Since 2012, he is Global Director of Innovation and Business Development at Dentsu's innovation arm focusing on both initiating and leading a Dentsu Aegis groupwide innovation initiative while creating new solutions around wearables, neural technology, locational big data and crisis management infrastructures, going beyond the traditional advertising business to cultivate new business models that generate revenue. He also has several patents pending.

Beyond his professional role, he is Regional Director of Japan for Wearable World, a San Francisco based startup focused on providing a global innovation platform, together with news content, incubator and accelerator programs, and events tailored to wearable related startups.

You can find Kei on LinkedIn. He’s @kei_shimada on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on June 25, 2015. Kei was in Tokyo, Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.