S03E07 — Always Be Closing with Mario Berta

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We sit down with Mario Berta to explore the state of entrepreneurship in Asia, a continent he knows extremely well having built multiple startups all across it. From talent to culture, from investment to ideation, we draw an exciting picture and learn lessons about how it all boils down to knowing how to sell.

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The Guest

Mario Berta is Director of Growth at Nova Founders.

He has built, managed and trained sales and operations teams in countries like Papua New Guinea, Macau, Angola, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia or Hong Kong. He grew Easy Taxi to biggest taxi application with operations in 9 countries and counting. He also established and managed global partnerships with companies like We Chat, Waze, Line or Xiaomi.

Mario is a true expert in sales, marketing and operations, and, with more than 6 years of presence across Asia under his belt, possesses a deep knowledge of the continent. 

You can find Mario on Facebook and on LinkedIn. He's @marioberta on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on February 18, 2015. Mario, Paul and Ivan were in London.