S03E05 — Of Dumb and Smart Gadgets with Dean Johnson



Dean Johnson, our guest this week, has just come back from CES 2015 in Las Vegas. He tells us all about the Dawn of the DumbWatch, the immersive VR headsets and if all this matters or not



Dean Johnson is SVP of Creative Innovation at Brandwidth.

As an accomplished design leader, writer, presenter and tech pundit, Dean is shaping the future at Brandwidth for Automotive, Publishing, Music, Film, Education and Leisure sectors. Dean is a Fellow and the former VP of The Chartered Society of designers and a mentor for the fashion tech incubator Front Row I/O.

Brandwidth has been responsible for designing and creating some of the world’s most dynamic mobile experiences, from 'The Doors’, ‘Doctor Who Encyclopedia’ and ’Star Wars Scene Maker' apps, to ‘Led Zeppelin: Sound and Fury’, ‘Saving Mr Banks’ and ‘Maleficent’ multitouch books. The wearable sector and VR platforms are the next interactive playgrounds.

Dean was a finalist in the 2014 Shorty Awards, presents the ‘Gadgetarium’ on the Dadsaster podcast, is Inspector Gadget on Nikki Bedi’s BBC London 94.9 show, writes for Computer Arts, iCreate, Apps Magazine and his own blog and wrote the number 1 Multi-Touch book ‘Digital Publishing: The Next Steps’.

You can find Dean on ActivRightBrain.com and on LinkedIn. He's @activrightbrain on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on January 15, 2015. Dean and Paul were in London, Ivan was in Warsaw.