S02E22 — Disruption Revolution with David Passiak

While disruption is a concept that many attempt to understand, David Passiak undertook an ambitious project: aggregating the views of over 20 innovators in the tech world to better understand the changing times we’re living in and what the future of business, society and culture will look like.

David Passiak is a former religion scholar turned technology entrepreneur. Disruption Revolution represents the culmination of 20 years of research and professional experience focused on disruption, and is also a follow-up to his first book Red Bull to Buddha: Innovation and the Search for Wisdom.


David has held leadership positions at prominent tech startups (Heavy, Spongecell, Visible Technologies), served as Senior Director at M80 WPP, where he ran social media for Volkswagen, and is Founder of Social Meditate, an innovation and strategy consultancy.

David earned several degrees in Religious Studies before dropping out of his Ph.D. program at Princeton to work in emerging communications and social media strategy. His graduate coursework focused on religions of the Americas, with a particular emphasis on how the adoption of emerging communications technologies tended to coincide with periods of religious, political and cultural/social innovation.

Simply put, as people found new ways to share and communicate ideas, they re-imagined conceptions of community and life in general. David quickly realized that web 2.0 technologies would have the same impact as the trends he had been studying with the best scholars in the world.

He's now the head of innovation and research at Dubizzle, a large classifieds website based in Dubai and active all over the Middle-East and North Africa.

Find David on SocialMediate.com and on LinkedIn. He's @passiak on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on August 5, 2014. David was in Dubai, Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.