S02E15 — The Musicpreneur with Tommy Darker

The Digital Loop S02E15 — The Musicpreneur with Tommy Darker (click to play)

Music is about asking questions. Being an entrepreneur is about solving a problem. And new experiences arise when art meets a disrupted business. Tommy Darker created the Musicpreneur movement to educate musicians on how to combine these elements within an industry that needs more experimenting. 

Tommy Darker is a musician, an entrepreneur and a thinker. He launched the Musicpreneur movement.

Tommy left his job in the summer of 2012 to focus entirely on solving the problem of musicians not making enough money to sustain their life and art. Borne out of his own frustrations and applying concepts followed by his own band, he went on a mission to simplify the concepts marrying art creation and business. As a believer in experiences, he successfully launched the Darker Music Talks series of events that will soon have reached four continents. 

Find Tommy on TommyDarker.com. He's @TommyDarker on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on May 16, 2014. Tommy was in Lviv,  Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.