S02E05 — 10 Trends for the Next 10 Years

The Digital Loop S02E05 — 10 Trends for the Next 10 Years (click to play)

From mobile to market internationalization, from wearables to emerging values in Millennials. Ten trends that will impact businesses and societies within the next ten years.

The 10 Trends

  1. The Explosion of Mobile, by Paul
  2. A Multi-Screen World, by Ivan
  3. The New Globalization, by Paul
  4. Personal Ratings, by Ivan
  5. Open Hardware, by Paul
  6. Consumers as Content Creators, by Ivan
  7. Emerging Values, by Paul
  8. 365 Marketing, by Ivan
  9. From Integrated to Connected Marketing, by Ivan
  10. The Sharing Economy, by Paul

This episode's theme was inspired by the upcoming LeWeb conference in Paris.

This episode was recorded on December 6, 2013. Paul was in London, Ivan was in Warsaw.