S02E24 — Big Bang Disruption

With business costs progressively driven lower, information increasingly becoming ubiquitous, are the rules of competition and innovation changing? This is the thesis behind the Big Bang Disruption, an accelerated version of Christensen’s “Innovator’ Dilemma.”

This episode was recorded on September 24, 2014. Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E23 — Keeping Track with Mike Sadowski

The Digital Loop S02E23 — Keeping Track with Mike Sadowski (click to play)

With the amount of information being shared online exponentially augmenting, it is essential to capture what actually matters. For businesses, it can mean survival as the internet is the focal point of their customers. Mike Sadowski understands these dynamics, having successfully scaled his monitoring tool, Brand24, globally.


Mike (or Michal in its original polish) is the founder & CEO of Brand24, a social media monitoring company that has customers like IKEA, Panasonic, Intel or Air France. The company won multiple awards since 2012, such as Best Web App 2013 by The Next Web, the People's Stage 2013 by Web Summit. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur, he was himself chosen as the Best Co-founder by The Next Web Awards in 2013. Mike is also the author of a best-selling book, the "Social Media Revolution". 

Besides his love for social media, he has a passion for extreme sports, martial arts and Turkish kebab.

You can find Mike on LinkedIn. He's @socialmemos on Twitter.

Sign up for Brand24 using the promo code 'digitalloop' and get 3 months free: register now.

This episode was recorded on September 8, 2014. Mike was in San Francisco, Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E22 — Disruption Revolution with David Passiak

While disruption is a concept that many attempt to understand, David Passiak undertook an ambitious project: aggregating the views of over 20 innovators in the tech world to better understand the changing times we’re living in and what the future of business, society and culture will look like.

David Passiak is a former religion scholar turned technology entrepreneur. Disruption Revolution represents the culmination of 20 years of research and professional experience focused on disruption, and is also a follow-up to his first book Red Bull to Buddha: Innovation and the Search for Wisdom.


David has held leadership positions at prominent tech startups (Heavy, Spongecell, Visible Technologies), served as Senior Director at M80 WPP, where he ran social media for Volkswagen, and is Founder of Social Meditate, an innovation and strategy consultancy.

David earned several degrees in Religious Studies before dropping out of his Ph.D. program at Princeton to work in emerging communications and social media strategy. His graduate coursework focused on religions of the Americas, with a particular emphasis on how the adoption of emerging communications technologies tended to coincide with periods of religious, political and cultural/social innovation.

Simply put, as people found new ways to share and communicate ideas, they re-imagined conceptions of community and life in general. David quickly realized that web 2.0 technologies would have the same impact as the trends he had been studying with the best scholars in the world.

He's now the head of innovation and research at Dubizzle, a large classifieds website based in Dubai and active all over the Middle-East and North Africa.

Find David on SocialMediate.com and on LinkedIn. He's @passiak on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on August 5, 2014. David was in Dubai, Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E21 — The New Machine Age

As behind-the-scenes technologies get smarter and cheaper, automation, whether of human tasks or existing processes, opens the door to new opportunities. It also brings fears of a jobless future, although we’re most likely entering an age of expanded creativity.

This episode was recorded on July 31, 2014. Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E20 — #RamonWOW with Ramon De Leon

From ICQ to Twitter, Ramon De Leon has seen it all. Starting in 1997, he mastered the success of his Domino’s Pizza franchise in Chicago, showing so many other big brands how it’s done. 

In 1986, Ramon De Leon started with Dominos Pizza in Chicago as a pizza delivery driver.

27 years later Ramon ended his tenure with the brand as the Marketing Mind of a six store Domino’s Pizza Franchise in Chicago. He was able to grow the franchise into a 7 million dollar a year business. This was nearly a 50% sales increase since he assumed control of the marketing message. Not only that but he helped pioneer online ordering and took the sales from 0% in ’97 to nearly 70% in ’13.
His career had given him the opportunity to work in Mexico as a Business Development Consultant for Domino’s Pizza ’93-‘97.

Ramon has been using Social Media for his business since before the word existed. AOL Instant messenger was his micro-blog long before Twitter was invented. When Facebook was closed to the general public, Ramon connected with customers in photos and groups.
His Social Media strategies were highlighted at Gravity Summit Harvard and streamed Live on CNN.com.
June of 2011 Ramon was named “Chicago Social Media Person of the Year” by the Chicago Social Media Marketing Group.

Domino’s Pizza Franchisees around the world seek his Social Media advice. Ramon’s creative uses of Social Media and enthusiasm have made him a sought after speaker. 

Find Ramon on his About.me profile and on LinkedIn. He's @Ramon_DeLeon on Twitter.

This episode was recorded on July 17, 2014. It was edited to remove some audio-video issues.  Ramon was in Chicago,  Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E19 — Internet of Things

The Digital Loop S02E19 — Internet of Things (click to play)

Beyond the internet we know—the internet for the people, lays the internet for things where devices talk to each other, communicate mostly without human intervention. Paul & Ivan look at how the physical world could be programmed. 

This episode was recorded on July 3, 2014. Paul was in London and Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E07 — Digital Predictions for 2014

The Digital Loop S02E07 — Digital Predictions for 2014 (click to play)

2014 will see the consolidation of many trends. From the centrality of mobile computing to the emergence of business models for the collaborative economy, from hyperlocal marketing to wearables.  

This episode was recorded on January 16, 2013Paul was in London, Ivan was in Warsaw.

S02E06 — LeWeb Paris 2013

The Digital Loop S02E06 — LeWeb Paris 2013 (click to play)

LeWeb is probably one of the most important web conferences in the world. Ivan & Paul are reporting live and sharing their highlights. From Jeremiah Owyang to Fred Wilson, from Brian Solis to Phil Libin, key trends for the next ten years.

This episode was recorded on December 12, 2013Paul was the co-host of LeWeb Paris 2013. Ivan was an official blogger. They were both in Paris.