S01E17 — Digital Domination with Marco Montemagno

The Digital Loop S01E17 — Digital Domination with Marco Montemagno (click to play)

Digital Domination, a new online summit by Marco Montemagno, but also his philosophy about the future of digital experts.

Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno, Founder of Digital Domination Summit, is the guest on this episode.

Marco is a digital entrepreneur, public speaker and broadcaster;

Marco is a highly recognizable figure in his homeland, Italy, having curated and hosted Reporter Diffuso, Italy’s foremost television programme about the internet on Sky News for 7 years, interviewing thousands of leaders and innovators in the tech and media world in front of millions of viewers every Saturday morning.

He has been instrumental in the promotion of the internet and digital economy to Italian businesses and consumers. Previously, Marco was co founder and CEO of Blogosfere, one of Italy’s largest and most influential blog networks, subsequently acquired by Populis.

He now expanded his expertise, launching the Digital Domination Summit, which will see a durable lifespan with a series of upcoming events specific to an expertise in digital.

Find Marco on TechAlchemist.com and LinkedIn. He is  @montemagno on Twitter.


This episode was recorded on June 27, 2013. Paul and Marco were in London, Ivan was in Warsaw.